Strand Studios


“Welcome to Strand Studios, a creative service agency founded by two visionary film-makers at the forefront of the digital revolution. From humble beginnings working with startups, we’ve rocketed to success creating content for the biggest names in tech and gaming, accumulating hundreds of millions of impressions and views along the way.”

James Cunliffe | Director, Content Producer

Meet James Cunliffe – a pioneering filmmaker from Manchester, England with a one-of-a-kind skillset spanning the entire production process. From writing and producing to cinematography, video editing, and animation, James is a true creative innovator who is always on the cutting edge of technology.

Whether it’s building emotive copy, digitally illustrating designs and then turning them into animation or leveraging creative A.I. tools to convey the right look and feel, James is the go-to guy who can figure it out when no one else can. With a vast array of talents and interests, you can learn even more about him by watching his highly-viewed tutorial videos on YouTube.

James has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Samsung, LG, AMD, Siemens, Wizards of the Coast, Epic Games, Tencent, Nacon, Konami, and Plarium, to name a few. He may claim that creativity is a curse, but his ability to turn ideas into reality has brought massive success and wealth to those lucky enough to work with him.

Jonny Knowles | Director, Filmmaker, Editor

Meet Jonny Knowles, a grassroots filmmaker from Yorkshire, England with a background in directing, video editing, 2D animation, and voice acting. He’s brought his talents to life in a number of characters, including his most notable roles in Skyrim, Lorelai, and Eastshade.

With a vast creative portfolio, Jonny has made content for best-selling authors, prestigious bands and musicians, and tech giants like Microsoft. He’s not only an experienced director, but also a dynamic personality that brings a project together and inspires the team with his infectious passion for creativity. If you want to bring your project to the next level, Jonny is the one to lead the charge.

“Whether you’re seeking assistance with copywriting, design, creative direction, video editing, or motion design, or simply want to learn about the best creatives in the business, look no further. Our network is filled with the most innovative and forward-thinking professionals in the industry, ready to help you take your project to the next level.”