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5 Reasons to Greenlight a Cinematic Book Trailer

A Cinematic Book Trailer Will Impress The Gatekeepers

Uploading your book trailer to Youtube alone won’t help you to build much of an audience. It’s crucial to submit your video to websites and blogs who review books and plug trailers.

But as you might expect, it takes high-quality content to command attention and prompt a share. By impressing these gatekeepers, they may embed your video and place you in a position to sell books. Of course, it’s always a gamble, but you stand a far better chance of exposure if you invest in your marketing.

Commission entertaining and unique promotional video to stand out from the herd. The last thing the world needs is more generic and badly made iMovie trailers.

Expand Your Readership

In this age of social media, a trailer could attract readers you couldn’t reach otherwise. Unfortunately, reading is a dying pastime.

But luckily, the magic of book trailers is that they are often mistaken for film trailers and people love films. If your trailer poses questions but there is no film, and only your book has the answers they crave, you will sell more. At the same time, with every share comes a whole new circle of people to impress.

Video has far more sharability than other forms of marketing. Be entertaining and your reach will extend far beyond the book worms alone.

Expand Your Path

Authors who hire us often hope to land a film or TV deal. Book trailers are a great investment because they are multipurpose. Not only do they help you to sell but they also make for a great concept film.

Aside from that, film producers are busy people who have a stack of pitches to wade through. Sending a concept film with your pitch is entertaining, concise and convenient. It will make you stand out in their inbox full of scripts. Furthermore, you have gone to the expense and effort to do so which goes a long way with producers.

Within this, you project belief in your own concept by showing that you are willing to back your own ideas. Often, writers don’t go to such lengths and why should anyone else be willing to back you if you’re not?

Develop Solid Film Industry Practices

Many authors have big dreams of selling to the big screen. If you wish to pursue the film path, it helps your cause to better understand the process.

On every trailer we’ve produced, authors have to make compromises, often due to their own lack of funds. This is an important learning curve. If you’re lucky enough to sell your film rights, it’s never going to turn out exactly how you imagined. It’s important to develop acceptance, and respect for the process.

Allowing a director to take your vision and form it into their own is a reality of adaptation. You will drive yourself crazy if you treat the process in a rigid fashion. Finance your own learning curve instead of screwing up when it’s important not to.

Express Good Taste And Be Entertaining

As trailer producers, we see the mistakes writers make in the Facebook groups on a daily basis. I cannot express how much dreadful promotional content we see.

When considering how to market, the keyword is engagement. And it’s pointless creating content that has proven itself to engage hardly anyone. The whole point of marketing your book is to capture the attention of potential readers. Good marketing achieves this by stimulating the imagination.

If your marketing lacks imagination and quality, how can this bode well for you? Especially when it comes to a creative product like a book. iMovie trailers are an easy option due to the lack of strain on your wallet.

But remember, just because something is free, cheap or easy doesn’t mean it’s effective. Often, authors forget that content creation is free is because it has little value.

Your marketing is going out there to represent you and your writing. The last thing you want is for your novel to come off like you don’t care about it. You should be applying this mindset to everything. Book covers, websites, layout, and promotion.

It all paints an impression of you and your writing. The only thing anybody applies the phrase never judge a book by its cover to is people. When it comes to your book, they will judge it by its cover and the marketing. If your potential readers didn’t judge you on your ability to market, what would be the point in marketing at all?

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