Strand Studios


If you Google ‘Video Marketing Statistics’ you’ll quickly come to understand that well produced video is the answer to all of your problems. It’s because it’s the digital equivalent of meeting people and sharing a compelling story, use it well and you can gain fame, followers and fortune.

Strand is the bridge from your mind to your audiences. Headed up by James Cunliffe and Jonathan Knowles who have a knack for delivering award winning content. They’ve contributed to millions of views, thousands of sales and have helped generate discussion around new and emerging brands.



It's important that we educate our clients on the intricacies of video, so they can make informed decisions about the video projects they take on.

Promote Great Content

We're passionate about storytelling and want to work with brands that have a compelling tale to share. We'll always promote the content we love and think deserves to be seen.

More Awards

We have a number of nominations and a couple of wins under our belt. As we head further into the digital era we're keen to add more award winning videos to our portfolio.