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89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI….

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Social Media: A Testament to Attention

Social Stats Since the dawn of the internet, attention spans have been on the decline, with some sources stating they’ve shrunk 50% over the last decade. Why

The Production Process

The Video Production Process Before entering the video production process, you should have already established what your overall strategy is. Do you know who your

The Best Output

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Format At some point during the pre-production phase of your video you should decide on a format for the

Marketing Your Video

Video Production vs Video Marketing The video production process is only a strand of the wider marketing cycle. You should not upload your video to

Engagement Through Storytelling

The Filmmaking Mentality To get the most out of video, it’s best to approach each project like a filmmaker rather than a marketer. People don’t

Competitor Analysis

Crafting Your Own Brand Narrative When doing a competitor analysis, you shouldn’t aim to out right copy what they’re doing. You’ve probably heard that there’s

Establishing Your Objective

The Importance Of Setting Goals Having clear defined goals at the start of a project can help you assess how successful a video campaign is.

Discovering Your Audience

Where Do You Start The most important thing a video production company can do when working with a new client is have a discovery session.