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Case studies of artists using AI art generators in their work

Artificial intelligence (AI) art generators have been making waves in the art world, offering a new way for artists and creatives to generate original visual art. But how are artists actually using these tools in their work? Here are a few case studies of artists using AI art generators in their creative process:

Mario Klingemann:

German artist Mario Klingemann is known for his experimental use of AI art generators in his work. Klingemann uses a variety of AI art generators, including Deep Dream and DALL-E, to generate surreal and abstract artworks. He then uses traditional art-making techniques, such as painting and drawing, to build upon the generated art and add his own unique touch.

Tom White:

Australian artist Tom White is another artist who is using AI art generators in his work. White uses AI art generators to create abstract patterns and shapes, which he then uses as a starting point for his paintings. White sees AI art generators as a way to experiment with new artistic styles and techniques, and as a way to challenge traditional notions of authorship and creativity.

Trevor Jones:

British artist Trevor Jones is using AI art generators in a different way, using them to create generative music and sound art. Jones uses machine learning algorithms to create unique and unpredictable soundscapes, which he then uses as the basis for his compositions.
These are just a few examples of the many artists who are using AI art generators in their work. Whether they are using these tools to generate abstract patterns, surreal imagery, or unique soundscapes, AI art generators are becoming an increasingly important part of the creative process for many artists.
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