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The Video Marketeers Content Strategy Guide

Firstly, we understand that educating our clients gives them the highest chance of being recognised by a wider audience. So it’s our job to have answers to any questions about trends or the video production process.

With this in mind we’ve included a training section on our website. We’ve looked to the likes of Seth Godin – ‘This Is Marketing,

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier – ‘ReWork‘ and many other marketing experts when putting the articles together. In this case we’ve taken the time to analyse how modern marketing techniques can be applied to video. Altogether we hope you’ll be able to use this resource to get the most out of your projects.

What is Strand's Video Production Process?


We'll discuss what you want to achieve with your video. That includes the creative ideas around the style, content and tone. Once we have a clearer idea of your goals we'll prepare a proposal that works within your budget.

Pre Production

After the proposal has been signed off, we'll assign you a dedicated producer who will be your main point of contact for the project. Our team will then prepare the script, storyboard, or shot list for your film.


Once the equipment, cast, crew have been booked and a location has been secured. It's time to capture your video. We work with talented filmmakers specialising in directing, cinematography, lighting, on location sound recording and drone operators.

Post Production

This is where it all comes together. With tech that processes 4K and talent capable of making motion design masterpieces. We'll craft together your video with the right music and colour grade to fit your specified tone.


We'll send you a review link of your video using our Vimeo Pro, this allows you to make comments on the video directly. We keep all our clients prompted with feedback deadlines so we can continue to meet all of our clients needs. Once you're happy with the video we enable the option to download.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can. We suggest you use our contact form and to fill out as much detail as possible in order to get the most accurate quote back possible.

The initial scope of the work is covered in the proposal so you have a reference of what is being paid for.

Extra services can be arranged during the production process if, for example you decide on additional days of filming.

The same goes for Post Production, additional work outside the scope of revisions will be billed as an extra charge.

If revisions have been agreed upon as part of the proposal you will be able to request changes to the following:

  • Audio mixing,
  • Colour correction,
  • Music,
  • Narrative edits (Cutting footage or repositioning),
  • Repositioning of assets,
  • Altering text.

The following does not constitute as a free revision and extra fee’s will be explained as these queries arise:

  • Additional videos outside of the initial proposal.
  • Videos in a different style from the original brief.
  • The construction of new assets.
  • The acquisition of new footage.

We take payment in two installments: 50% on confirmation of the job (This is so we can book equipment, hire cast/crew and begin the pre production development.)

Then the final 50% once the video has been signed off.

The cost for subtitling (whether burnt-in captions or separate SRT files) Will be specified in the budget. Please make sure to ask about subtitling when briefing us about your project as this will be classed as additional work otherwise.