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The Video Marketeers Content Strategy (Why You Need One)


89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI. 95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain their spend on video in 2020. – Wyzowl

At this point it’s not a matter of if video works or not, it’s a matter of how effective it is. 

Lots of brands still struggle to get the most out of their video projects, even when it is outperforming their other marketing activities.

It’s not uncommon for marketers to view analytics as the benchmark for success. A high view count with hearts, thumbs ups and several other emoji based likes might be enough for some, but video specialists understand the full potential of the medium.

The execution of a video project is often the most important part of a wider marketing campaign, yet marketers tend not to include video specialists in the early stages of production. Instead marketers will opt to hire in a director or video production company at the later stages.

Campaigns which are run in this way are often found wanting. This happens when Inexperienced marketers take too much control away from the video producers. They’ll micro-manage, interfering in the production process and write scripts which don’t translate to screen. Even the most clued in marketers struggle to link up with video producers who can make incredible content, while taking into consideration the terms for distribution.

It’s important to think like filmmakers rather than content marketers. Film has an ability to make people think, feel and engage. With a filmmaking mindset you have a higher chance of telling an authentic story which viewers will respond to.

Film done properly drives a need to share your content or buy your product. It can be the difference between a one off sale or having a customer for life.

The right video projects help shape your brand, strengthening it while distributing it across the globe. The more relevant the content, the faster your audience will grow.

There’s plenty of soulless videos floating around the internet. We can change that by identifying your core audience and making the right kind of content for them. It’s time to get creative and break the mould.

The Challenge Of Finding The Spotlight

Time is a valuable resource and it’s no surprise that audiences are eager to skip ads in order to get to the content they want quicker. Fast forwarding through unwanted content or hitting that skip button might as well be muscle memory at this point for most of us.

This is a huge challenge for video makers and marketers alike.

There’s no guarantee that your brand new video’s going to get seen in a crowded online environment based on luck alone.

Furthermore platforms like YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn are teeming with influencers and content creators who are churning out videos keeping viewers eyes fixed on their channels rather than yours.

Unfortunately there’s more bad news. You’re up against declining attention spans, competitors that are one step ahead and content which is entertainment focused.

How do we keep the spotlight on us?

Video Content Strategy

In the following posts you’ll see how we go about implementing a video production strategy. You’ll learn our process, how we establish objectives, how we use narrative storytelling and the Hero, Hub, Help method to put your brand’s story in motion.

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